vafpclVazhakulam Agro And Fruit Processing Co. Ltd (VAFPCL)
As per GO (MS) No.263/13/AD dated 31.08.2013,Vazhakulam Agro and Fruit Processing Company Ltd was formed for the effective management of the Nadukkara Agro Processing Factory and assets with 51% share to Government of Kerala, 30% to Registered Farmers and 19% share to VFPCK. Accordingly the company was incorporated on 23.10.2013. Subsequently all the assets including company employees were transferred from VFPCK to VAFPCL as on 31.01.2015. The objective of VAFPCL is to help and support Pineapple growing farmers in the command area which covers the entire Kerala State, by procuring pineapple from them and to convert it into Pineapple Juice Concentrate (PJC) and other value added products.


VAFPCL, located at Muvattupuzha, Ernakulam District, Kerala is engaged in the value addition of agro products like pineapple, Mango, ginger, etc.  The factory is situated in the heart of pineapple growing area at Muvattupuzha.  Muvattupuzha is well connected to the Kochi International Airport and the Kochi Sea Port by road and the distance is only 45.km from the Airport and 50-km from the Seaport. This fruit processing factory was set up with fully imported plant and machineries. This factory for the commercial processing of pineapple, mango and other fruits for added-value products was to ensure supplementary income to farmers through successful transfer of technology.
Government of Kerala commenced the Kerala Horticultural Development Programme (KHDP) with the European Union participation in 1992 and in line with the basic objective of augmenting the income of fruit farmers on a sustainable basis. To attain this objective, a fruit processing factory was set up in 1998 with fully imported plant and machineries, at Nadukkara, near Vazhakulam pineapple market for the benefit of Pineapple farmers. Global Tenders were invited in 1994 and the contract was awarded to an Italian Company M/S. Alberto Bertuzzi Spa in 1996. The factory was constructed with an investment of 24 crores in 1998 and started its commercial operation in the year 2000 with a motto to facilitate the farmers in this region to market their products at better market price  and also to provide better agriculture techniques.
In the year 1999, the factory was transferred to Nadukkara Agro Processing Company Ltd. (NAPCL), a public limited company with share holding pattern of 70% shareholding to target farmers and 30% to Government of Kerala. The factory was transferred to NAPCL for independent operation by a transfer agreement between NAPCL and KHDP to achieve the objectives envisaged in the establishment of the factory.
On 2.6.2012, Government of Kerala vides the Govt. Order No. GO(MS)137/12/AD dated 2.6.2012 took back the factory and other assets transferred to NAPCL on violation of the asset transfer agreement and revested with the Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Keralam, the successor organisation of KHDP,  for effective management of the factory and assets.
The Factory conforms to Quality and Food safety systems like ISO 22000-2005. The certification is done by M/s. International Standards Certifications Pvt. Ltd., Sydney, Australia.
The fruit juice from Pineapple, Mango and Apple are produced in Tetrapak and marketed in Kerala and other South Indian states with brand name ‘JIVE”.
Manufacturing  Facilities and Capacity of the plant
The company has the infrastructure facilities for processing activities like juice extraction, Concentration and Aseptic filling of fruit juices like pineapple and mango. There are facilities for production of Tetrapak Drinks and fruit candies.
The factory can process 3500 Kg pineapple per hour inputs of pineapple for juice concentrate production to normally 60º Brix using single stage scrap surface evaporator  and 2000 Kg mangoes per hour for mango concentrate to normally 28 º Brix.  Mango pulp can also be processed at the rate of 500 kg of mangoes per hour.
In the Ready-To-Serve fruit drinks plant, 6000 packets of Tetrapak packages per hour which are automatically packed to a tray and shrink – wrapped.
Tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, papaya, jack fruit etc. can be candied using the “Kandimat” Technology.  In the fruit candy plant, about 1200 Kg fruits could be sugar impregnated and candied per batch, each batch will take about 5 days to complete.
The pack house constructed with financial assistance from APEDA can do packing of about 200 MT fresh pineapple fruits per day. Integrated pack house constructed here for pre-cooling and packing fresh pineapple and other fruits with financial assistance from APEDA with an outlay of Rs.370.80 Lakhs are an added facility to the vegetable and fruit exporting.

Products and facilities

  1. Fruit juice concentrate/pulp
  2. Ready- to-serve juice/drink
  3. Fruit candies
  4. Integrated Pack House for export of fresh pineapple, fruits & vegetables